As we go into the fall of this year, November is the month for Thanksgiving and the top shopping day of the year known as Black Friday. …

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When you own a website, the Domain Name is most important element. It tells everyone on the web where your address is and that you are open for business! Since your Domain Name is on the internet, you will receive all sorts of solicitations regarding your Domain Name.

At West Bay Media Group we protect our customers from unwanted solicitations as part of our Strategic Partnership(s) . We also provide educational information right here on our Blog.

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Today I created Facebook Videos (don’t forget to follow us there!) showing this Misleading Domain Name Registration Letter to West Bay Media Group.

In the brief videos I will…

During these difficult times we were trying to think of how we could contribute to the community in our own way?


The Covid pandemic has created a lot of obstacles at the same time it is also created opportunities in business. When this crisis hit we put out content on our website to help people upskill their digital game. You can find a lot of that information by going to and by following us on social media.

If you’re a subscriber to our newsletter you know the value it brings to you.

You can Leverage this information to help you with your own online business. …


Tom Hamilton

CEO of West Bay Media Group

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